Console Work and Other Affairs

Hello friends!

We've decided to change these development blog posts from weekly to monthly, as we've realized we don't have that much to say when we're not allowed to talk about the new stuff being worked on.

2017-04-20 Megaphone.jpg

Console work is moving along, and we've recently taken a step away from the consoles to finish up the new feature that we're saving for console launch. What's left to do on consoles is to implement the social features (signing into PSN and other networks) and some console-specific features which we haven't created yet. Then, we go through the list of requirements for each console and make sure the game handles everything correctly before sending our game to official certification with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

As we work on the console ports and the new feature and as we continue to receive bug reports, we've been making smaller changes that should help the online stability and make for a smoother play experience. This includes a bug that we recently pinpointed that wouldn't allow players to join lobbies properly sometimes, and as we keep working we keep finding new things to fix (such is the life of game development).

There's also been some slightly more boring and slightly less game-related news. We've been preparing for localizing (translating) the new content into different languages, setting up for worldwide ratings (there are many different systems in different countries that require different application forms and documentation), and we've gotten a company insurance plan so that we can all be healthy and keep making great games forever (hence the picture of fruit, cause we eat that, cause we're healthy... or something).

Apart from that, everything is going great with our new artist Fabio, and despite the fact that it's been raining non-stop every day for the last month, our spirits are high and we're pushing forward toward console launch with confidence and with excitement about what's to come next for both PC and console users.