Short Update on Development

Hi everyone! Short update this week since we're not allowed to talk about the new content that we're making. I mean... what? What new content?

Things are going well as we approach our console launch, slated for this summer. The Switch was giving us the most difficulty as we were getting weird crashes without any information in the output. Well, we got some information, sometimes, but it was often in Japanese and didn't help much even with Google Translate. In the last few weeks though, we've gotten major Switch functionality, and it's almost on par with the other consoles. We're waiting on some plugins from external partners to be updated so that we can hook up the online play and move forward with the social stuff.

Apart from that, we're working on new content that we'll announce at some point in the coming months. In a world of games press, it's important not to divulge all of the information immediately, as press doesn't like to cover stuff that's been "public" already, even if that's just on our site. It's exciting though, you'll see! 

Our new artist, Fabio, has been working out wonderfully (not like working out at the gym, though maybe he does that too) and we've been super impressed with his quality and speed of his work. We're really happy to have him on board and it'll help make the future of the game more full of cool stuff.

That's pretty much all we have to update you on today, but we'll be back next week with... something!