Ultimate Chicken Horse Patch, Cyber-Fabio, and CleverBaby

Today we launched a patch for Ultimate Chicken Horse, which included a bunch of bug fixes that we’ve been working on for a little while. This included some bugs that led to people getting 0:00 times in Challenge Mode, issues involving placement of items in Free Play mode, and solving the unlock problems that some people were seeing in Online play. It also included the audio bug where you could mute everything except the doomsday lava and meteors, because apparently even natural disasters should be able to be muted. You can see the full patch notes here.

This patch is out on all platforms, and it was actually out on XboxOne last week by accident. Oops! We needed to make sure to update all platforms at once to ensure that cross-play still worked between PC-Switch and PC-PS4, and since we don’t have cross-play for XboxOne it didn’t actually affect the players (except for getting you bug fixes early!).

We’ve also got a new AskClevEndeav video! Eve and Ben answer some of your most important questions:

Some new prototypes are in the works, and while we won’t give any information about what they are now, they’re going well and getting closer to playable prototypes that can be analyzed (internally, sorry) and brainstormed on. We’re working on four projects at once and we’re only 6 people working on them, so each of them is moving at a slow but steady pace. More updates soon!

At the same time as working on new stuff, we’ve been making sure to prioritize learning while we experiment. This includes Fabio working in VR using a 3D painting software called Quill, along with some other VR software. We call him Cyber-Fabio now. Below you can see the new Fabio and one of the animations he did with Quill.

2019-06-20 CyberFabio.jpg

And saving the best for last (no offense Cyber-Fabio)… The first CleverBaby has arrived! Huge congrats to Kyler and his wife Jackie on their first child, Theo! Here’s a picture of them being insanely cute together. And a picture of their Ultimate Chicken Horse counterparts; Kyler is the voice for the Chicken and Jackie was the Kickstarter backer who designed the punching plant in the game!

2019-06-19 Baby_Flower_Chicken.png
2019-06-19 KylerJackieTHeo.jpg

We're super happy for them and for this addition to their family! Apparently Theo already has some video game knowledge, napping on his father while he (Kyler, not Theo) plays Overwatch.

That’s all for this month, keep in touch and we’ll keep you informed!

The CleverDevs + CleverBaby (or, if you prefer, Devs ’n’ Beb)